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Component & Engine Health

Vibration sensors and algorithms create a dashboard for your rotorcraft

Easily Grasp the Condition of Key Aircraft Mechanicals

Our cloud-based dashboard enables user to instantly assess current status of key drivetrain components. Operators can see the health (green, orange, red) of each shaft, gear, or bearing monitored.


Drill Down for Component Level Details

By clicking the individual gear, shaft, or bearing icon, the operator can drill down to review details. For example, clicking into the Oil Cooler Drive Shaft provides a Health Indicator (HI), Condition Indicator (CI), and even Component Detail (CD) trend that will take you inside the sensor data itself. Users can get increasing levels of granularity by moving from the HI to CI to, for example, validate shaft imbalance in inches per second or to see what part of a bearing is damaged (e.g. inner or outer race). The CD then provides the processed waveform (bearing spectrum, etc).


Predict RUL and Optimize Maintenance

Most important, we provide an easy-to-understand Health Indicator that charts trends over time and provides advanced warning for when maintenance actions are indicated. When a trend is determined with a high degree of confidence, Remaining Useful Life is displayed.

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